Monday, August 13, 2007

Take your pic--or not

Fake(?) lighthouse atop building on Bronx side of East River

The good news: The Hubster found the camera manual that we thought the Son-ster had lost. Oops. It had fallen behind a piece of furniture. I've already apologized to the Son-ster, who appeared highly amused.

The bad news: The #$%^&*!!!!!!!!! camera died again on the way out of the city. That darned thing cost us almost exactly $300 almost exactly two years ago, and it's already broken twice. And we'd sent it in for repair in February. I expect better from Sony.

High Bridge Tower and High Bridge

I was trying to take photos of the beautiful upper East River bridges, and the High Bridge Tower, when I started getting "memory error" messages again. (Mind you, the Punster had bought a new memory stick only a couple of months ago, as the stupid camera had begun acting up almost as soon as we'd gotten home from the Son-ster's college graduation.) The poor camera died before we'd even reached the High Bridge Tower. Boy, was I upset--I had a beautiful shot of the High Bridge Tower lined up, and couldn't take it! Above are two of my last five shots.


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